NCW Alliance Academy 

We are pleased to announce NCW Alliance Academy is adding a boys team for the 2022-23 soccer year!

The Alliance Academy program targets players ages 14-18, players will participate in training sessions run by our licensed and experienced staff members. The Club will also schedule scrimmages for players to participate in to evaluate their growth and development.

PAC NW showcase 2022


To provide next level training, education and exposure for players that demonstrate desire, commitment and ability to compete collegiately or beyond.


To create an environment where players who demonstrate the desire, commitment and ability to compete at the next level will be trained, educated and exposed to methodologies used by top collegiate programs. The goal being two-fold: to help players decide if playing at the next level is something they really want to pursue and enable those who do decide to pursue playing at the next level the best opportunity to achieve their dream.


  • Educate parents and players regarding NCAA eligibility requirements and the recruiting process.
  • Help players and parents determine and select the right fit for next level pursuits.
  • Expose players to training methodologies and demands of next level programs.
  • Facilitate player exposure to next level programs through id camps, showcase events, and guest play opportunities.
  • Actively promote players through the network of college contacts developed by the Club Technical Director.
  • Assist in placing as many players as possible into next level programs.
  • Utilizing next level players to help educate and inspire aspiring players.
  • Creating college level experiences for high school players to help educate them and their parents early with regard to next level commitment levels and demands.


  • To support the NCW Alliance first team and their endeavors to compete and move players on to next level opportunities.
  • Hold bi-annual college prep nights to educate players and parents regarding NCAA eligibility requirements, the college environment and recruiting process.
  • Help players identify preferences regarding living environments, academic interests, levels of competition and commitment required of student athletes at the various next level programs.
  • Maintain an annual rolling calendar that identifies NCW Academy training days, competitions, and player id events.
  • Utilize Captain U, CollegeFit, PSPL Surf Academy, EPD and Club Technical Director network of college coaches to promote players to appropriate next level programs.
  • Help players with building their player profiles, keeping them current and developing an action plan for making contact, interviewing and building a relationship with next level staff.
  • Introduce and provide supplemental programs to players that include performance training, nutritional guidance, mental fitness, injury prevention, and rehabilitation.
  • Coordinating meet and greet as well as presentation events that utilize former Club players sharing their next level experiences with aspiring and current NCW Alliance players.
  • Working with U12-U14 coaches to identify players and appropriate events for an introduction to NCW Alliance Academy programming.
NCW Alliance Academy at Las Vegas Mayors international Showcase 2020


  • Program Content Includes:
    • Higher level tactical & systems of play training
    • Higher demands placed on players soccer IQ and role playing
    • College Prep Course
    • Nutritional Education
    • Injury Prevention Education
    • Mental Fitness Education
    • Supplemental Speed, Explosion, Strength & Agility Training
    • College/Academy like travel itineraries & experience

    Player Eligibility & Selection

All high school aged female & male  athletes are eligible for the program. All eligible players have the opportunity to be identified as a candidate. The entire NCW Alliance Coaching Staff is utilized in the candidate id process. Candidates are identified by the following criteria:

  • Technical Ability
  •  Athleticism
  • Soccer IQ – Tactical Decision Making
  • Special Qualities – i.e., long throw in, free kick specialist, consistent aerial threat
  • X Factor – Mentality and Attitude that consistently strives to improve, perseveres thru adversity, inspires and gets the best out of others.

Once candidates have been identified, they are then observed and evaluated by the NCW Alliance Program Staff. This can happen in a variety of ways:

  • Observation in the candidate’s team environment which includes training and match performance.
  • Observation of the candidate in a “train up and/or play up” opportunity.
  • A separate tryout or series of specified tryouts with the candidates own age group or a combination of age groups.

Candidate selection and invitation to the program player pool or specific Academy Team is then determined by the NCW Alliance Staff. A formal written review of all candidates will be made available to all players who were not selected to the program player pool or specific Academy Team. Because the nature of sport is dynamic, promotions and relegations to the program may happen at any time the coaching staff deems movement is warranted. Withdrawal or dismissal from the program will require a written explanation by the parties involved. All monies whether they be personal, solicited or raised by other means, equipment, uniforms, etc., remain the property of the program. There are no refunds given for withdrawal or dismissal from the program unless the BOD determines that circumstances warrant a partial or full refund. All such decisions are final.

Required Parental Support

NCW Alliance Academy Teams require dedicated parent volunteers who work with the coaching staff to coordinate and manage the communication, fundraising, tournament registration, travel, collection and disbursement of funds and chaperones. The number of people involved varies by

team, but the commitment to serve and fulfill duties and meet timelines are absolutely critical to the teams ability to function efficiently. At minimum a team needs the following:

Manager: someone who has great organizational and communication skills to make sure parents have current information and communicate potential issues back to the coaching staff. Takes care of tournament registration and making sure coaches and team are aware and address tournament requirements. Typically have all player paperwork and player cards on hand for team check-in and player profiles for disbursement to inquiring coaches.

Travel Coordinator: Works with coaching staff to take care of identifying and booking travel options for the team. This includes lodging and modes of transportation to, during and from the event – rooming assignments – chaperones.

Fundraising: This role is usually handled by a committee of parents who handle all aspects of identifying and coordinating efforts by all players/families involved with the team. Event estimates are forecasted and delivered to the Fundraising committee who then go to work identifying and formulating a plan to address the teams need for each event. The committee then works to coordinate and execute all aspects of the plan to insure funding for each event.

Program Costs

Player Registration                          $500 (only $250 for United SC or OPS FC players)

Player Uniform                                 $150 (Home & Away kits)

Monthly training fee                      $50 per player (Paid directly to the coaching staff on the first day of training every month of training – April – August, November – February.)

Travel Expenses  vary by game and tournament destination. Private transportation will be used whenever possible. However, at major showcase events this would include tournament registration, airfare, lodging, van rental and food. Target tournament events and approximate costs are listed below. Coach Travel expenses are covered by the team and are included in the individual cost of the specific event.

Some examples:

PAC NW showcase – Tukwila, WA – January 2023                                                             $250 per player + food

Nomads showcase – San Diego, La Jolla – Thanksgiving weekend  2022                $600 per player + food/airfare

Las Vegas Mayors Cup College Showcase – February 2023                                         $600 per player +food/airfare


Your coach will communicate to you what tournaments the team will be playing in throughout the year and fundrasing opportunites will be provided.

There will be a lot of research and off field preparation that the players will need to do prior to each showcase:

  • Build and maintain their player resume`
  • Identify school programs they’re interested in pursuing
  • Making initial contact with school prospect list
  • Follow up with programs of interest
  • Sending invitations and schedules to programs of interest

We will set dates for classroom work and help during the school high school season on Sundays. Those dates will be announced once we have our commitments for the first tournament.

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Please conatct our Acaemy director for more info:

Mike Osborn – NCW Alliance Academy Director – – 509-670-7047