Redapt Cup 2019

Game 1

NCW Alliance Academy 4-0 Newport FC

Goals: Emily Wurl 1, Jayden Brown 1 and Kiarra Scheib

Clean Sheet: Ava Courtney

Game 2

NCW Alliance Academy 8-0 Seattle Celtic

Goals: Jayden Brown 5, Kiarra Scheib 1, Emily Wurl 1and Jasmine Abouammo 1

Clean Sheet: Ava Courtney

Game 3

NCW Alliance Academy 5-1 Seattle United

Goals: Jayden Brown 4 and Page Fischer 1


NCW Alliance Academy 5-1 M.T Rainier FC

Goals: Jayden Brown 2, Kiarra Scheib, Piper Davidson 1 and Jasmine Abouammo


NCW Alliance Academy 2-1 ISC Gunners

Goals: Jayden Brown and Emily Wurl






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