NCW Alliance vs Yakima United game recap

On Sunday May 20th 2018 the NCW Alliance kicked off their game against the Yakima United with a 3-5-2 formation, hoping to push forward and score in a strong quick pace and using the midfield as a key. Yakima took the field in their striking red kits and Alliance in their own clean white kits with a few instructions from the coaching staff fresh on their mind.  Working on a sense of urgency. utilizing pockets in the midfield but all together making sure not to get stuck forward. This was put in effect right as the whistle blew, numbers were sent forward and forced Yakima’s keeper to make a save in just the second minute. A back and forth fight continued for ten more minutes until a corner was taken and Allison Flynn took advantage of an open patch of goal. It was 1-0 when Yakima’s#22 found the back of the net, responding quick in the fourteenth minute. This is where the scoreboard stopped changing rapidly as the game continued on in the afternoon not scarce of sun. The alliance started falling forward for a more primary attack in the 29th and tempo flared as a penalty was called in the 33rd minute for a Yakima handball in the box. This is when. Allison Radar drove a sneaky solid ball, smoothly into the lower right corner of the goal frame. Minutes later the scoreboard said 44th minute when Yareli Blanco fired a dangerous shot. The crossbar saved the Yakima keeper and stopped the Alliance from securing a third goal. Moving into halftime main notes from coaches were needing forwards to be more greedy and the defense to clean up the backline making more precise decisions in order to avoid Yakima taking advantage of a mistake. A spirited cheer sent the team back onto the pitch. The Alliance kept up the fight in the second half and had no shortage of chances, but overall Yakima United prevailed from balls sent into the net in the 45th and 80th minutes. Both goals came from set pieces, the first off a free kick and the latter off a corner. Making the score 3-2 after the ninety minutes. The NCW were unable to keep their sense of urgency and cool in the towering afternoon temperatures. Although the score said 3-2 the coaches were not giving up their passion. After game going around as a group to reach out for feedback and making sure each voice was heard. Trying to trace what exactly went wrong and fixing it was the theme and hopefully a key in the Alliance finding their goals, literally, in games to come. Head Coach Jamie Richards put in input by stating,” Three words could have prevented three goals.” Elaborating about the importance of communication. Addressing problems and finding their way around them is vital to a growing team, especially as they grow and learn to play together as one.  Luke Astell, another vital portion of the coaching staff, spoke up about game time reaction,” Where am I, what should I be doing?” Simplifying the game, makes it easy and effective. That is what the games about, playing effective and having those experiences, whether it be positive or negative, and being able to learn from them. What should we fix and how are we going to do so is a mindset for the game. Later in training Coach Richards integrated this theme stating,” Don’t let that game go.” Keep it next to you to be able to use it, don’t just forget it, be able to learn from those experiences. This is just what Alliance hopes to do as they continue with their season.

Kaitlyn Bonner