NCW Alliance vs Capital FC game recap

Kate Springer #8

​The NCW Alliance FC fell to Capital FC, originating from Salem Oregon, in a devastating 3-1 loss. The entire game was a back and forth struggle of the two teams fighting for points. The Alliance, coming back from a positive 1-0 scrimmage against the Olympia Force, were hit and miss on connecting passes with teammates. The first goal against the new team occurred from the penalty spot in the eighth minute, which Capital’s #10 took and buried in the far right side of the goal. The second goal from Capital FC occurred in the 17th minute where the ball kept being mis-played until Capitals #19 finally sent the ball to the back of Alliances net . In the next few minutes, Alliance started getting it sorted out, holding positions and taking more control of the game. This is where they had a series of fouls called outside of Capitals penalty spot all balls had brilliant service but failed to meet the back of the net due to Capital’s stubborn defense. The first half ended at the 45th minute, as the teams did not derive any stoppage time in the first half.

Coaches Jamie Richards and Luke Astell

Head Coach Jamie Richards then lead a discussion elaborating about changes the Alliance needed to make. The main takeaways were the team needed to give better support up high in order to obtain goals, a heavy midfield was required to do so as the support was not getting there fast enough. As well as the speed of transitions were good as “Numbers were moving forward quick” but the offense needed to be on the same page as the defense. The rest of the conversation was working out minor tweaks and hooks as the team continues to grow and learn together. The second half arrived and Capital FC continued to keep up a tight defense in a back and forth brawl. In the 65th-minute Capitals #10 weaved her way through the field to score a second time, clutching a brace. Thematch continued with the Alliance still fighting and making plays even though the scoreboard did not match the atmosphere.

Allison Flynn #10

In the 71st, Kate Springer added to the Alliances side of the scoreboard, adding fuel to the fire. The goal came when #10 Allie Flynn set up an impressive shot that ricocheted of the crossbar and towards #8 Kate Springer, who then took her opportunity to chip it past the best efforts of the keeper. The game ended in the 93rd minute with the 3-1 result. Even though the result was not what NCW Alliance FC hoped for, the young team’s game showed that they will continue to put effort into fixing and sharpening their game as they grow together.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Game Recap by Kaitlyn Bonner